Encyclopædia Universalis

Universalis is an encyclopedia created since 1968, which currently includes 30 volumes.

This new edition of the Universalis Encyclopedia is the result of the most important editorial revision ever made for a work of this value.

The Universalis Encyclopedia aims to present detailed information in all fields of knowledge: science and technology, art and literature, history and geography, economics and politics, famous personalities, prestigious prestigious universities, sports, civilizations, cultures and countries around the world.

The articles and reports are done through teamwork with experienced publishers, thousands of authors and experts of their own disciplines: history specialists, physicists, musicians, scholars, teachers, and more than 7,000 well-known writers. Members of the Collège de France, the Prix Nobel, or Médailles Fields, university professors, leading researchers, all contributed through expertise and information to all successive editions of the encyclopedia.

In over 30,000 pages, there are thousands of articles reviewed and improved from phenomena such as antiglobalization, illness, addiction, purchasing power; many areas: film, architecture, food; as well as biographies (Angela Merkel, Amos Oz, Tim Burton, Alan Greenspan, Zinedine Zidane …).

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