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Indrazneste! Din culisele celui mai bun proiect de transformare organizațională din lume

In a dynamic period from a socio-economic point of view and in the digital age, principles and practices
Classic management are no longer enough. In this context, Prior publishing house announces the launch of the book
“DARE”, one of the most appreciated business works of the moment, under his signature
Philippe Guitard (Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia CEE), Mădălin Mihailovici (General Manager,
Apa Nova), Irina Munteanu (Chief Financial Officer, Apa Nova), Cristian Matei (Co-founder and President of
Advanced Thinking), Steve Towers (Executive Chairman of the Business Process Group).
The book consists of a logical sequence of recommendations and good practices on how
an organization can meet the challenges of today’s business environment. It brings the whole to the fore
re-engineering process initiated by Apa Nova in 2015, following which a new architecture was developed
which has increased efficiency and built a new, oriented organizational culture
towards performance, which allows scanning in optimal conditions. In fact, in 2019, the Water Project
Nova won the award for the best Organizational Transformation Project in the world
the most prestigious event in the world – OPEX WEEK Business Transformation Summit in
Florida, United States of America.
Philippe Guitard (Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia CEE) says of the book: “It is a story of
real life success, which shows the trials an organization went through during a
radical transformations that exceeded all expectations. This is also a practical guide
which analyzes in detail how to approach change within a company. Maybe stay at
the basis for transforming any type of business or can be used to set a way of working
performing at Local, Regional or Global level. That’s why we decided to share it with everyone. ”

You can buy the book here!

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