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Toulouse – Lautrec

art album

The French artist Henry de Toulouse Lautrec was born to an ancient aristocratic family in Albi in 1864. He died less than four decades later at Malrome in 1901. With unforgettable images in form of paintings, lithograph and posters, Toulouse Lautrec recorded for posterity the many layers of life in Belle Epoque Paris.
Serious leg fractures at puberty and the effects of genetic disease stunted his growth, leaving him disabled only 4 feet 8 inches tall. He turned hin attention to a developing his talent for painting and drawing,His first works were mural motifs such as humans and animals, especially horses, before turning his attention to the scene of Paris nightlife in Montmartre.

ISBN: 9783741919466
Publisher: Prior
Languages: Romanian, English, Czech, Greek, Polish, Slovak.
Pages: 288
Format: Hardback with a jacket
Size: 180 x 180 mm
Year: 2017

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