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Atlas of Anatomy


A very good quality anatomy atlas that shows anatomical notions in a clinical context. The atlas of anatomy uses the international Latin nomenclature and and contains everything necessary to successfully solve the challenges raised by the study.

Color illustrations are produced by two established artists, Markus VoLL and Karl Wesker..

The Atlas is organized so that each region of the body can be covered step by step. The regional study begins with the basic study of the skeleton.

Finally, the topographic anatomy is presented to take an overview.

The regional study ends with live anatomy and a series of questions that challenge you to apply anatomical knowledge to the physical examination of patients.


  • 200 color graphics of exceptional quality;
  • International Latin nomenclature
  • Short introductory text that explains each image
  • Anatomical-clinical correlations including radiographic, magnetic resonance, computed tomography and endoscopic images;
  • Orientation marks on the location of the component and the steering plane. In this way the reader finds everything it needs to perform, step by step, logically, the anatomical study.


ISBN: 9786069250617
Authors: Gilroy
Publisher: Prior & Books
Language: Romana
Pages: 655
Format: Hardback
Dimension: 29 cm x 23 cm
Year of publication: 2010

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